2015 Toyota Camry: The Reviews Are In

2015 Toyota CamryThe 2015 Camry is the newest model in Toyota’s fabulous sedan line. Competition is stiff in this class of vehicle and so Toyota’s new Camry addresses this fact by coming out all guns blazing. The newly revamped Camry has taken on all the competitors and has bested them in a wide variety of criteria. The reviews of the 2015 Camry have come in and they are simply glowing. Let’s take a look at what three of the biggest names in automotive reviews have to say about the 2015 Toyota Camry:

The Car Connection

“The somewhat downmarket look and more ‘chunky’ feel of the outgoing Camry’s dash have been wiped away, with a ‘high-tech’ look for the center stack and a newfound attention to materials and details.”

Kelley Blue Book

“But it’s also a little livelier now, thanks in large part to revised steering, braking and suspension tuning. The changes haven’t shaken up the segment’s fun-to-drive rankings, but the 2015 Camry definitely offers a more direct, more satisfying connection between car and driver. In a good way, driving a Camry is now more like driving many of its contemporaries.”


“Even with the big wheels it’s a comfy ride. The steering has a nice on-center feel helping you place the car on the road and it’s weighted so as to give a feeling of authority to the driver. Inputs feel organic, and it’s not the overly stiff setup that some automakers pass off as a sport model.”

Reception for the new 2015 Camry is as expected, with many looking at the new redesigns and anticipating its performance in the coming year. If you’re in the market for a Camry and live around Warrenton, VA, check out Warrenton Toyota today!

January 5, 2015
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