Check Out the Flying Circus Airshow!


The airshows in Virginia carry a generous amount of old World War I planes that are used to thrill fans during the shows. When they started during the 1970’s, the owners had a hard time reviving these planes as well as modifying them. It took a lot of money and effort to maintain these planes over time. Today they have enabled safe flights while fans watch in safe distances too!

Airshow History

The Flying Circus has grown since its formation. The membership in the Flying Circus has tremendously improved and increased in the number of aircrafts used in the show. Traditions are kept intact for future generations to know the roots of aviation.

Other Attractions

The airshow gives the whole family an unforgettable experience. There are activities for everyone! Men and women can parachute in the sky with parachute jumpers. They glide down at the same time while carrying the American flag. A wing-walker in the plane wings amazes the crowd below as he does the hanging using his legs. A barnstormer will hop in a vintage biplane in the old or makeshift airfield.

Apart from all the above, there are also more like the balloon festival that will thrill up kids and teenagers who will feel their adrenaline rise as they are suspended in the air in a naked balloon. Visitors and members can ride in vintage cars too and can use wings too as they are ridden in the cars. Rides are available at a fee and fans can join the pilots as they fly in the open cockpit planes used in the old times. In festivals, the company hosts superstars who come to entertain visitors. The Flying Circus Airshow is one event that is sure to be fun for the entire family!

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June 1, 2017
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