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Independence Day is almost here, so set the scene at your home with these patriotic home decorating ideas!

Arrange Colorful Flowers

Flowers are a great way to bring some natural color indoors, and the hues of the American flag can be easily found at your local flower shop. Pick out a vase that fits the occasion, and fill it with a variety of blooms of different shapes and sizes. The red can come from roses or dahlias, while the white can come courtesy of large flowers like lithansus or smaller options like scabiosa, or even baby’s breath for a firework effect. Blue is a rarer color for common flowers, but you can always go large with a hydrangea or spread some corn flowers into the mix. If you want to think outside the vase, decorate a wreath with these flowers to greet guests at the door.

Bring Out The Bunting

If your home has railing, those handrails and banisters would be the perfect spot to hang some patriotic bunting. You could also look up to hang the red, white, and blue banners on your walls or across the ceiling. While the classic fabric banners are a timeless way to decorate with stars and stripes, you could also branch out with paper or even shimmering metallic streamers.

Set The Table

Before dinner is served, you can set the scene with the appropriate décor. A table cloth with patriotic colors is a good start, and the red, white, and blue theme can continue to the plates, napkins, and glassware. A centerpiece of flowers, flags, or star-spangled candles would tie it all together, but the color scheme doesn’t have to stop at the table decorations. Consider the dishes and sides you plan to serve, as strawberries and blueberries with vanilla ice cream would make for a fitting dessert.

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