Five Tips to Winterize Your Corolla

Winterize Your CorollaIt’s important to think about winterizing your Corolla before the cold weather hits Virginia. A number of important rules have to be followed, if you want to maximize your safety on the road.

The Battery

Check the condition of your Corolla’s battery before the beginning of the winter. Otherwise, you risk having problems starting your car in the cold weather. The low temperatures can reduce the battery output by nearly 50 percent. It’s best to have the battery tested by an experienced mechanic.

Engine Oil and Coolant

The cold weather will make the engine oil thicker, which may interfere with the vehicle’s performance. Substituting the oil with a thinner one is a good idea.

Pay attention to the condition of the coolant system, as well. Apart from protecting the engine against overheating, it prevents corrosion. Choose coolant that contains ethylene glycol. It’s going to offer the best type of engine protection during the winter.

Winter Tires

The summer tires are not suitable for wintertime driving. Have your tires changed, if you want to make your Corolla stable and safe on the icy road.

Treat the Doors

The door locks can easily freeze in cold weather. Anyone who has had to struggle with the car door on an icy morning knows how maddening such a scenario can be. There are numerous kinds of sprays that you can use to treat the doors before the start of the winter. These treatments will prevent freezing and make it easier to enter the car.

Have an Emergency Kit

Having an emergency kit in your Corolla during the winter makes a lot of sense, especially if you like to travel. There should be warm blankets, an ice scraper, boots, coolant, a flashlight and a snow shovel in the car at all given times.

Want to learn more about keeping your Corolla in top condition during the winter? Visit Warrenton Toyota in Warrenton and we’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.

December 15, 2014
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