A Mother’s Day Meal From The Kids

Children Bringing Mother Breakfast In Bed To Celebrate Mothers DayIf you’re like most families, then you’ve adopted the tradition of jumping into bed with mom on the morning of Mother’s Day and presenting her with a feast that you and the kids have made. But, if your kids are wanting to take the reigns a little more this year, it is possible for you to take the back seat. We found a few recipes that are simple enough for the kids to make by themselves. See if any of these seem like they’s be a winner for Mom.

Quick and Easy Quiche

Chances are you’ll want to find something quick to make, and that’s why we’re starting off with this 15-minute Hash Brown, Tomato, and Mozzarella Quiche. There’s a burst of flavor from the cherry tomatoes, chives, basil, and fresh mozzarella. The hashbrowns give it that crispy crunch. This is truly as simple as baking your hash brown crust in a pie dish, then mixing your other ingredients and baking them on top.

Cute Little Cups

What could be easier than stacking a few breakfast favs on top of each other and then baking it? Nothing! You can use a ramekin or a cupcake pan, but either way, these come together in just 35 minutes after following three easy steps. The kids will love being able to say they made them, and Mom will enjoy the taste of ham, swiss, and eggs.

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Something Sweet

We’ve given you two savory ideas, now it’s time for something sweet. Bread pudding is the perfect simple dish for kids to make for Mom, and while the total time is over 2 hours, most of that is letting things bake and sit. Only about 25 of those minutes are actually active. This idea is so elevated, Mom will think you ordered her a gourmet breakfast! Dry your bread out by baking it, mix together your wet mixture, add the bread to it, and then bake. The sugar and vanilla extract provide the sweetness, while the raspberries provide the sourness.

Create a feast for Mom this Mother’s Day! The kids will have a blast making it, and she’ll have a blast eating it.

April 19, 2021
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