PHILLIPS’ Wine Country Harvest Ball and Art Show

PHILLIPS’ Wine Country Harvest BallIf there is one organization doing positive things on behalf of children that suffer from emotional and cognitive challenges, Phillips Programs for Children and Families personifies this notion. The organization’s Wine Country Harvest Ball is the main event in-a-sense and it delivers with it’s actions.

Why Is The Wine Country Harvest Ball & Art Show Successful

This event does many things for underprivileged children with special needs. The Harvest Ball is the main event and it does a wonderful job of raining funds and awareness for the programs it offers. In other words, the organization wouldn’t be as successful without the donation from the general public. The program helps to build a positive future outlook for the kids that will help them to become productive citizens.

The Wine Country Harvest Ball Activities

This Black Tie Optional Ball features work from talented authors and artists. Being a fund raiser, most of the proceeds fund the programs. As soon as attendants get there they’ll be greeted with an open bar, gourmet four course dinner, an abundance of artwork, and a live orchestra band. This euphoric experience will allow you to let loose and enjoy the moment with all of the dancing and singing going on. This is a great time to meet members of the club, fraternize with other guests, and take in some wonderful, creative art.

PILLIPS’ Wine Country Harvest Ball and Arts is the place to be for experiencing a surreal environment but, most importantly, it’s for a great cause.

November 9, 2016
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