Spice Up Dinner With This Chicken Pumpkin Curry

Ah, fall -- when the evenings are getting cooler and you just want a little warm, welcoming comfort food for dinner. Savory soups and hearty dishes are the standard during this time as the seasons change and we move from the summer heat and into the welcoming embrace of autumn. We've found a slam-dunk recipe that hits all of those warm, savory notes while still retaining a touch of sweetness. And best of all, your slow cooker will do most of the work, so you can turn your attention to whatever else you're doing until dinner time.


The Gourds


This Thai-inspired chicken pumpkin curry relies heavily on pumpkin, but not the kind you see decorating people's houses during the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons. Instead, you'll need pie pumpkins, which are sweeter and more easily used in cooking. You'll remove the seeds from the pie pumpkin, dice it, and combine it with shredded chicken breast and jarred red curry paste. And of course full-fat coconut milk adds that delicious, silky taste of Thailand.


Time is on Your Side


Like most hearty dishes, this chicken pumpkin curry's flavor profile deepens as it cooks. If there are any leftovers -- which may not happen, the dish is that good -- stick it in the fridge overnight and taste it again the next day. You'll note how time has worked its magic and made the delicious flavors even more complex once you try it the next day. One quick note to remember: If you can't find pie pumpkins, this dish can also work with butternut squash! 


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Be Careful


Hey, you're working in the kitchen, and you'll be using a sharp knife to dice that pie pumpkin. Watch out for that blade, because nobody wants an accident while they're preparing such a sensational dish. 

September 12, 2022
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