Thinking About Leasing a Toyota?

What if you could drive the new Toyota you want, change it up every few years, and save with a monthly payment that’s typically more affordable than buying, all while avoiding the hassle of selling or trading in your vehicle? Toyota Financial Services’ leasing programs make it possible.

Warrenton Toyota and Toyota Financial Services have several lease programs to fit a variety of needs, including 24-60 month lease terms on new Toyotas and qualified Toyota certified vehicles. Here’s what you need to know:

Cost upon signing. Choosing to lease can help you save. What you pay up front may be lower than what you would pay at the beginning of a finance contract, including the first month’s payment, acquisition fee, refundable security deposit, taxes and fees, as well as capitalized cost reduction, or down payment.

Lease-end options. When your lease is up, you can choose to purchase your vehicle or lease a new Toyota. It’s up to you!

Mileage limits. The total allowable mileage will be delineated in your contract. You can choose a standard lease or opt for a low mileage lease to lower your monthly payments, and save even more!

Excessive wear and use. Wear is inevitable with age. However, excessive damage can really put a dent in your wallet. The Excess Wear & Protection plan can help.

Disposition fee. This fee helps cover costs to dispose of or sell the vehicle at lease-end. Qualifying drivers who return to lease or finance their next eligible vehicles with Warrenton Toyota will have this fee waived.

Early termination charge. If you choose to terminate your lease early, you will obligated to pay an early termination charge that may be substantial.

Tax benefits. Ask about potential tax benefits. If you lease a vehicle for business, you may be eligible.

Chances are Warrenton Toyota and TFS have a plan for you. Here are even more perks.

  •  Ask about discounts you may be qualified for. We have programs for college graduates, U.S. Military service members, and rewards for our most loyal, repeat customers.
  • We offer competitive terms on Toyota Certified Used Vehicles.
  • Have limited credit? We can help you drive.
  • The 1 Pay Lease Program gives you the option to save, and prepay all monthly payments in a single payment, upfront.


Give Warrenton Toyota a call or stop by to learn more.


October 7, 2013
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