Toyota Camry Hybrid vs Toyota Avalon Hybrid


Toyota Camry Hybrid vs Toyota Avalon Hybrid2016 has been a great year for Toyota Hybrids, with the 2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid and the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid; consumers has a lot more options when it comes to driving a Hybrid vehicle. It is no surprise that Toyota has been successful in expanding their Hybrid line, since the popularity of the Hybrid started with the Toyota Prius. Toyota has more experience than any other auto maker with the design and manufacturing of Hybrid vehicles. Aggressiveness, capacity, comfort, efficiency and economic savings are factors that have been greatly put into consideration. Both the Toyota Camry and the Avalon have been made as models that have class and style. The two models, however, have distinct features that separate them from each other. However, they are as classy and aggressive as any shopper would want them.

Toyota Hybrid: Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The Avalon has been made with specs that it has the ability to balance power, especially for fuel efficiency. Its engine performance is V6268 horsepower. In addition to the capacity to hold 3.5liters, the Avalon Hybrid has a Hybrid Synergy Drive. That is with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) it has more power to increase efficiency while saving fuel. Its electronic power steering features add to the aggressive experience. The Camry Hybrid, in addition, has V6-268 horsepower efficiency. The hybrid synergy drive feature increases its balanced performance to 200hp. This makes it an exciting ride considering its light weight despite having a 4 cylinder. Aerodynamics and vortex generators that smooth efficiency make the Camry a good choice.

Toyota Hybrid: Safety

The Camry Hybrid has been made with 10 airbags for safety enhancement. It also has a pre-collision system and whiplash injury lessening seats. In addition is a blind spot monitor that helps during lane switch and parking. The Avalon has the Toyota safety sense encompassing all security features like dynamic radar cruise control, Lane departure warnings and pedestrians’ detector.

Toyota Hybrid: Technology

The Camry Hybrid has given the driver and the passengers a chance to enjoy wireless charging. The voice activated features make the driver concentrate on the road and makes it convenient. Its trip information ability helps reduce fuel use. The Avalon in return comes with a backup camera, wireless charging system and an HD ability to predict traffic. This prevents the driver from wasting fuel and promotes convenience.

Despite the slight hybrid differences style and sports features in the two models make them a nice preference for shoppers. If you are ready to take a ride in the next level of Hybrid evolution, Visit Warrenton Toyota and test drive the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid and the 2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid.

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August 31, 2016
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