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Toyota Recall Service

Toyota Recall Service Near Fauquier County, VA

Because Toyota takes your safety on the road seriously, it’s sometimes necessary to take care of issues that may affect the lifespan of your vehicle or its intended operation. Here at Warrenton Toyota, we advise that you regularly check whether Toyota has issued any recalls that address problematic issues discovered after a specific model of vehicle leaves the manufacturer.

Toyota has issued three recalls since September of 2022. Here are the affected vehicles:

Some 2022 model year Toyota and Lexus vehicles are under voluntary recall for a potential issue with the electronic parking brake. That brake may not engage at all, or it may disengage incorrectly, potentially resulting in rollaway accidents. About 84,000 vehicles overall are affected, including some models of the Toyota Tundra and Lexus NX250 and NX350.

Toyota issued a voluntary recall in October of 2022 on a specialty SUV sold in some states. Toyota reports that the 2023 year model bZ4X SUV uses hub bolts on its wheels that can loosen over time until the wheel separates from the bZ4X. Only approximately 260 vehicles are potentially affected, but due to the nature of the risk, Toyota advises 2023 bZ4X owners to have their vehicles checked immediately to see if the recall applies to their SUV.

The 2021 RAV Prime, an electric vehicle, faced a safety recall in February of 2023. There were approximately 16,000 vehicles affected by this recall, which is for software that can potentially affect the way this electric vehicle operates and increases the likelihood of an accident.

What to Do if Your Vehicle Is Affected?

Our expert technicians are standing by to diagnose and treat your potentially affected Toyota or Lexus vehicle at Warrenton Toyota. Our service center is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, OEM parts, and our techs know proper techniques for performing automotive repairs and services flawlessly.

If you believe your vehicle is affected by a voluntary or safety recall, contact our service center immediately and schedule an appointment for this free service to be completed. At Warrenton Toyota, our service technicians are available to answer your questions about recall notices or any other service or maintenance work that your vehicle may need.