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Toyota Trim Levels in Warrenton, VA

2024 Toyota Trim Levels

Ever puzzled over those mysterious letter combos plastered on your Toyota? Well, you're not alone. Even some die-hard fans scratch their heads over these trim-level codes. But fear not! Once you crack the code, you'll find they're surprisingly easy to grasp.

So, what exactly do these letter codes mean? They're like secret handshakes among Toyota aficionados, helping to distinguish between different trim levels for specific models. You see, not all Corollas are created equal—even in the same model year. Each letter or combo represents a specific trim level and gives you a quick peek into what features to expect.

Let's break it down. Take "LE," for example. It stands for Luxury Edition. So, if you're eyeing a Toyota Corolla LE, you can bet it's packing some serious luxury upgrades, like leather seats and sleek side panels, compared to the basic "L" edition. Same thing with the SE edition Corolla hatchback: You’ll be choosing a version with a spacious cargo area in the rear but also a peppier engine and a higher level of torque, which means it’s a lot of fun to drive.

Now, let's dive into the cheat sheet of Toyota trim level letter codes:

  • CE: Classic Edition
  • DX: Deluxe
  • L: Entry-level grade
  • LE: Luxury Edition
  • S: Sport
  • SE: Sport Edition
  • SLE: Sport Luxury Edition
  • SR: Sport Rally
  • SR5: Sport Rally 5-Speed
  • VE: Value Edition
  • XL: Executive Luxury
  • XLE: Executive Luxury Edition
  • XLS: Executive Luxury Sport
  • XR: Extreme Rally
  • XRS: Extreme Rally Sport
  • XSE: Extreme Sport Edition

See? Once you decode them, they make a lot of sense. But remember, these codes can vary slightly depending on the Toyota model. For the full scoop on each model's trim level, including nitty-gritty details like engine specs and add-on options, hit us up at Warrenton Toyota.

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