Toyota Works Hard to Keep Safety Standards High

Toyota Works Hard to Keep Safety Standards High

Toyota is a consistent leader in the world of automotive safety, and it constantly works to maintain high standards. Most recently, Toyota added child models to its lineup of virtual crash test dummies.


The automaker uses a system known as THUMS, which stands for Total Human Model for Safety, as its virtual crash dummy software. This summer, it released Version 4 of the system and added additional dummies to the lineup. The system is used to simulate crashes, and it examines the effects on both vehicle occupants and pedestrians. The THUMS program is even used in motorsports for such things as creating NASCAR regulations related to seat shapes that can reduce the risk of rib fractures.

The newest child-spec models added to the THUMS system were created by the Collaborative Safety Research Center in the Toyota Technical Center located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were created in collaboration with the University of Michigan and Wayne State University.

Old and New Models

In the past, there were just three different virtual crash test dummies used in the THUMS system. The large male dummy is 189 centimeters tall, the average-build male is 179 centimeters tall, and the small female is 153 centimeters tall. While these represent a good range of adult heights and sizes, they simply don’t give enough information on how collisions affect children. To remedy this situation, THUMS Version 4 has the addition of three child-sized dummies that represent the average height for different ages. The 10-year-old dummy is 138 centimeters tall while the 6-year-old is 118 centimeters tall and the 3-year-old is 94 centimeters tall. All of the dummies are used for virtual tests on the effects of collisions on both passengers and pedestrians. Thanks to these new virtual dummies, Toyota can test the safety of its vehicles on a wider range of body shapes and ages.

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October 1, 2016
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