Are You Warming Up Your Camry Correctly?

Car windshield covered in snow.

Although it might seem like summer was just yesterday, winter is now in full force, and it’s time to make sure your Camry is ready for the morning commute on those wintry mornings. Below, we present some tips to make sure your car is warmed up effectively for driving during colder weather.

Idling Your Camry in Cold Weather

One of the most common questions we hear is how long is long enough to let your vehicle warm up before driving. Although most people believe they should allow their vehicle to idle for a few minutes before driving, doing so can actually result in more harm than good. This is because your vehicle’s engine operates on a mixture of gasoline and air. When the temps drop, your vehicle adds more gas to that mixture. When additional fuel enters the combustion chamber, it can cause the oil to wash away.

This is particularly true during cold idle conditions. The more oil that is washed away, the less lubricated the engine becomes, causing it to work less efficiently. The moral of the story is that it’s actually not good to let your engine idle for long periods of time during cold weather. Keep in mind that excessive idling, particularly in enclosed spaces, can also put you at increased risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Proper Camry Warmup

So, if it’s bad to idle your Camry during cold weather, what should you do to make sure it’s warmed up properly? The best way to warm up your vehicle during the winter months is to go ahead and begin driving, but do so slowly. Doing so can actually help to preserve your Camry’s engine.

While it’s better to drive rather than idle the engine, do consider safety before heading out in the mornings. Be sure your windows are clear and that you have a good amount of visibility prior to driving. Failure to clear the windshield of fog, frost, or other conditions can put you at greater risk for being involved in an accident.

Need more tips for how to care for your Camry during the winter months in Warrenton, Virginia? Contact our experienced service team at Warrenton Toyota. We would be happy to assist you.

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January 19, 2017
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