Warrenton Hunt Point to Point Race

Point to Point Race

Are you intrigued by Point to Point races? Warrenton, VA has the perfect event for you! Be sure to attend this year’s Warrenton Hunt race for a day filled with excitement and fun!

What is a Point to Point Race?

Point to Point racing is an Irish sport that’s similar to Steeplechase and National Hunt racing. The term “point to point” derived from when horses would follow the tops of church steeples during a race. The difference today is that these races are often run cross country. These races are typically about 3 miles long, and have at least 18 obstacles that are 4ft-6in high.

6 Main Types of Point to Point Races:

  • Maiden Race – This race is for new horses. The horses in a maiden race must not have won a race before, so they are competing for their first title.
  • Intermediate Race – This race is for horses that have yet to win a flat race. *The only exception is the National Hunt Flat Race.
  • Flat Race – A point to point race that is held for ponies. Riders must be 9-15 years old. *Both the horse and rider must have experience hunting in order to be eligible to participate.
  • Open Race – This race is open to any horse. It is typically specified whether the race is for only male riders, only female riders, or both.
  • Hunter’s Chase – This is a “weight-for-age” race that is only for qualified hunting horses that hold a Hunter Certificate, and amateur riders. *The weight-to-age ratio and rules have been established by the Jockey Club.
  • Hunt Members Race – This is only open to horses that are qualified to race with the particular Hunt that is having the event.
  • Confined Race – Horses must be qualified to run this race with the hunt (or hunts) promoting the meeting, or with any hunts adjoining it. *Up to 15 hunts maximum.

The Warrenton Hunt Point Race

Come out to this year’s Warrenton Hunt Point to Point Race! The Point to Point races are set for Saturday, March 18th at Airlie Race Course. The event begins at 12:30 pm and admission is $20 when you arrive. Also, check out the Hunter Pace race at Land-Ho Farm on Saturday, April 22nd at 1 pm and the Spring Trail Rides Sunday, Apr 23 at 10a. Ask about the specialty tailgate and tent packages that Warrenton Hunt has available!

Are you looking to participate as a rider in this year’s racing event? Be sure to fill out the necessary waivers before you arrive. You will also need transportation to travel to the race. Find the perfect vehicle from right here at Warrenton Toyota! Our professionals can’t wait to assist you.

March 2, 2017
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