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What Does That Warning Light Mean? Auto Help Near Auburn Mill Estates, VA

If there's a warning light illuminating your dashboard, it sounds like you might soon be looking for auto service near Auburn Mill Estates. There are a lot of complex systems and crucial components throughout your vehicle, and if something needs professional care, your car will likely try to get your attention with a warning light on your dash. What does that light on your dashboard mean? It could be a minor issue or a situation that must be resolved right away, and whatever light comes on in your car, we can take care of it here at Warrenton Toyota.

Common Car Warning Lights

There's a wide variety of lights that could illuminate your dash, so let's go over the most common and most important warning signs.

Check Engine: While some models display the words “Check Engine,” this sign often comes in the outline of a generic engine. Because the engine and its surrounding components are so multifaceted and complex, this light covers a wide range of possibilities, and it's important to seek professional help quickly.

Airbag Warning: Signified by a seated passenger facing a circle, this light indicates that there's something wrong with an airbag in your cabin. Airbags are safety essentials, so this should be resolved as soon as possible.

Brakes: Brakes are also vital to your safety. If you see a red circle surrounded by parenthesis, with an exclamation mark in the center, it's best to bring your vehicle to a service center to make sure your brakes are in reliable condition.

Battery: Rectangular with positive and negative symbols inside, the battery warning is your heads-up that the battery, its alternator, wiring, or other component needs attention.

Transmission Temperature: Often yellow, this indicator warns that the temperature in your transmission system is running too hot. This could be an issue with intense wear and tear or low fluid, so don't ignore this sign when you see it.

Oil Pressure: Shaped like an old oil can with a spout and handle, this light indicates that something's amiss with your engine oil. This could mean that it just needs to be topped off, but it could also signal more urgent issues like a pump problem, failing pistons, or even a leak.

Tire Pressure: This light shines when a tire's pressure is too high or too low, and both are situations that need resolving for your safety. Some infotainment systems even have an option to show you which tire needs attention.

Coolant Temperature: You'll see this sign when your engine starts to run hot. It could be due to a radiator leak or broken hose or pump, so to avoid serious engine damage, head to the service center.

Schedule Service with Warrenton Toyota

Whenever a warning sign lights up your dash, there's no need to worry, because we'll get to the root of the problem here at our service center near Auburn Mill Estates. You're encouraged to schedule your service with Warrenton Toyota to let us take care of all your automotive concerns. We'll get you back on the road with peace of mind, and you might be surprised by how affordable your service could be when you take advantage of our current service and parts deals. Our auto shop is just a quick trip from Auburn Mill Estates, so bring your vehicle to us at 6449 Lee Highway, Warrenton, Virginia 20187.