What Is the Greenest Car in America? Our Toyota Prius C

Toyota Prius CToyota Prius c Beats All Electric Cars To Earn Greenest Car Award


The Toyota Prius C, now available at Warrenton Toyota, was recently named the Greenest Car in America by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.  In addition to the Prius c, the original Prius and the Prius V were also named to the list of 12 Greenest Cars. The Prius c had the top MPG on the list with an incredible 53 MPG in the city and 46 on the highway. [1] We know our Warrenton area customers will see the value in those remarkably high miles per gallon. In addition to the ACEEE’s ranking, the Prius C was named the #1 Green Car in America by Kelly Blue Book. 

In making the list of the Greenest Cars in America, the ACEEE studied a combination of factors, including a vehicle’s tailpipe emissions, greenhouse gases, fuel consumption, manufacturing process and (where applicable) fuels used to generate electricity. After careful study, our Prius c came out on top as the Greenest car choice for American consumers, even topping all electric options. You can see the full rankings of the Greenest Cars in America in the table below.


Greenest Vehicles of 2013

Make and Model Specifications Emission Standard a MPG:City MPG:Hwy GreenScore
TOYOTA PRIUS C 1.5L 4, auto SULEV II / Bin 3 53 46 58
HONDA FIT b Electric (Li-ion battery) ZEV 3.9 3.1 57
TOYOTA PRIUS 1.8L 4, auto PZEV / Bin 3 51 48 55
TOYOTA PRIUS PLUG-IN HYBRID c Electric (Li-ion bat.) / 1.8L 4, auto CVT PZEV / Bin 3 3.9 / 51 3.0 / 49 55
HONDA CIVIC HYBRID 1.5L 4, auto PZEV / Bin 2 44 44 55
HONDA INSIGHT 1.3L 4, auto Bin 3 41 44 54
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA HYBRID 1.4L 4, auto PZEV / Bin 3 42 48 53
FORD FOCUS b Electric (Li-ion bat.) ZEV / Bin 1 3.3 2.9 52
TOYOTA PRIUS V 1.8L 4, auto SULEV II / Bin 3 44 40 52
FORD FUSION HYBRID /C-MAX HYBRID 2.0L 4, auto Bin 3 47 47 51
[P] denotes premium gasoline.”auto CVT” denotes continuously variable automatic transmission.a A listing with two emission standards (e.g., Tier 2 bin 2/ PZEV) denotes a single vehicle carrying both a Federal and a California emission certification. Green Scores for such listings reflect the cleaner of the two certifications.b Fuel economy for electric vehicles is provided in miles per kilowatt-hour.

c Fuel economy for plug-in hybrids is provided in miles per gallon for gasoline operation and in miles per kilowatt-hour for electric operation


If you are interested in driving the Greenest Car in America – the 2013 Toyota Prius c – come visit us at Warrenton Toyota. If you call ahead at 866-927-4401 or email us here, we will get your Prius c ready for a test drive.

July 10, 2013
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