What Is Toyota Crawl Control?

Toyota Crawl ControlYou may have seen Crawl Control on a list of specs for Toyota vehicles, like the Tacoma, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily understand what it does. This is a new system on the 2016 Tacoma that gives the truck the necessary traction to handle tough terrain, including digging itself out of a giant sand pile.

How Toyota Crawl Control Works

When you choose to activate Crawl Control, the system will take over. It modulates your truck’s acceleration and braking somewhere between 1 and 5 miles per hour as a way to maximize traction no matter the surface. There are sensors in the wheels on models with Crawl Control, and these can detect when the wheels slip. This allows the system to control throttle input so the vehicle is no longer stuck.

Toyota Crawl Control in Action

To truly understand Toyota Crawl Control, you need to see or experience it for yourself. It can handle low-traction situations with ease. A perfect example would be very sandy terrain. If a Tacoma with Crawl Control is buried in sand with all wheels covered, most people would think it is stuck. Activating Crawl Control, however, lets the system control braking and acceleration. It will use this control to drive the wheels slowly as a way to minimize wheel slip. This allows the tires to grip low-traction surfaces like sand and get you out of sticky or slippery situations.

For more information on Toyota Crawl Control, including which models it is available on, head to Warrenton Toyota in Warrenton, Virginia.

October 5, 2015
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