Your 2015 Toyota Camry Warning Lights: What They Mean

We here at Warrenton Toyota know that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything about your 2015 Toyota Camry. Few people actually read the owner’s manual cover to cover, so when you see one of those little orange lights flash on your center console or your dash, it might strike you with just a bit of confusion. What could they possibly mean?

headlightindicator Headlights This is your standard headlight indicator, letting you know that your headlights are on.
cruisecontrolindicator Cruise Control This light indicates that your cruise control is active.
cruisecontrolindicator TRAC/VSC There are two different types of lights to signal if the TRAC or VSC, is off. This is one of them. The other TRAC/VSC light looks like this. One of these will flash if the computer detects you are stuck in mud or snow and automatically reduces power to the wheels, allowing you to rock free. You simply need to push and release the switch to turn it off and restore full power
highbeamindicator High Beams The high beam indicator lets you know that your high beams are active.
airbagindicator Passenger Airbag This light turns on when the passenger airbag is active.
securityindicator Security This indicator will flash if the security system is on.
slipindicator Slip Indicator This light is your slip indicator, which signals the VSC/TRAC to become active.
turnsignals Turn Signal This is your turn signal. Both will flash simultaneously if your warning lights are on.

If you have any questions about the different warning lights, visit us as Warrenton Toyota to ask for more details.

February 19, 2015
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