2016 Toyota Camry vs 2016 Honda Civic

2016 Toyota Camry vs 2016 Honda CivicThe 2016 Toyota Camry and Honda Civic are both mid-size sedans that are highly competitive in their category, and have been high selling vehicles for their respective auto maker for two decades. The 2016 Honda Civic and 2016 Toyota Camry are similar in two distinct ways. Each vehicle offers similar head and leg room in their respective front seats, and destination charges from manufacturer to dealer are nearly alike.

Passenger Room in The 2016 Camry vs. The Civic

Both vehicles will seat five passengers, two in the front seat, three in the back seat. Though the front seat in both sedans offers similar head and leg room, the Camry’s back seat offers slightly more comfort to its passengers. Moreover, leg room is more significant in the Camry’s back seat. Compared to the 2015 Camry, the seat fabric in the 2016 model has been upgraded and given a fresh appearance.

Dimensions in The 2016 Camry vs. The Civic

The Honda Civic is slightly narrow and shorter than the Camry, the benefit accorded is greater ease to park in packed places. Weekend shoppers may like that feature. In terms of shopping, the Camry offers more room within the trunk area for groceries and other similar size items. Additionally, convenience to drivers is more apparent with the Camry. It requires fewer trips to the gas pump compared to the Civic. The Camry has a higher MPG rate for both city and highway driving.

Unique Features in The 2016 Camry vs. The Civic

The Camry drivetrain has higher torque. This means transmitting power to vehicle wheels occurs more rapidly in the Camry. Both makes offer a 3-year 36,000-mile warranty. The Honda Civic offers an LX model and EX model. The Camry has an established track record for being one of Toyota’s higher selling models for over a decade. The 2016 Camry has upgraded its Entune Audio System and offers a navigation application.

The Camry Special Edition (SE) comes in two colors, Blue Streak Metallic and Blizzard Pearl. The 2016 Civic offers a sleek design and fast back-like appearance. “Car and Driver” describes it as built basic transportation that does not feel basic.

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June 23, 2016
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