Why Buy Toyota Certified


Toyota CertifiedHere at Warrenton Toyota, we like giving information pertaining to many of the options available when you buy from us. Financing of all types is available from Toyota, but none of them are better than Toyota Certified. When you purchase a Toyota Certified used vehicle, not only are you receiving a guarantee from Toyota as to the quality of your vehicle, you will also save a great deal more with less risk attributed than a standard used car lot.

Toyota Certification Process

The Toyota certification process is very rigorous, involving a lot of time and scrutiny. For starters, only vehicles up to seven years beyond the current model year are eligible to even apply for Toyota certification. In addition, those vehicles can only have accrued a maximum of 85 thousand miles. If they meet those basic parameters, then they undergo a rigorous 160-point inspection administered by factory-trained Toyota specialists. If it meets their expectations, then a Carfax history report is generated and reviewed. If it checks out, the vehicle rolls on out of there with the proud mark of Toyota Certified.

Benefits of Buying Toyota Certified

There are many benefits to buying Toyota Certified. Each model bearing the mark is given a 12 thousand mile warranty good for 12 months as well as a 100 thousand mile powertrain warranty good for 7 years. Extended warranty is available as an add-on. Every Toyota Certified vehicle also comes with a full year of roadside assistance starting the day of signing. Standard financing rates apply and trade-in’s are accepted. Toyota certification is honored at 1400 Toyota dealers, including ours, spread all over the United States and Canada, so if nothing on our lot piques your interest, you have options available. But most importantly: buying Toyota Certified allows you to leave the lot assured that you had just made a great deal on a real quality vehicle without all the extra stuff associated with buying new.

Toyota Certified is available at Warrenton Toyota. With hundreds of fine Toyota’s on our lot, you are sure to find the vehicle that is right for you. Stop by today and ask about Toyota certification and how it can help you.

February 9, 2015
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