Easy Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Organized

No matter how often you scrub the exterior of your car, it can seem like an uphill battle to keep the interior clean. Try these tips to declutter your cabin.

Simplify Storage

Toys, gadgets, tools, and more can all clutter up your cabin or even get lost if misplaced. To avoid the mess, equip your car with some convenient storage like a shoe organizer. This handy solution’s numerous pockets make it easy to arrange and access whatever you want to keep at arm’s reach, and you can hang it from the back of a front passenger seat with ease. You could also repurpose a remote control holder from the living room to the car cabin for a few extra pockets on the side of any passenger seat. If you notice your cup holders fill up with crumbs and dust, fit them with silicon cupcake liners to make cleanup easier.

Gather Your Groceries

If you don’t like making multiple trips to and from your car when you’re unloading groceries, you might be tempted to carry too many bags at once. All those bags hanging from your fingers can be a pain, but you can simplify your unloading by keeping a large laundry basket in the back of your vehicle. When you bring groceries out to your car, just put all the bags in the basket, then carry the basket inside when you get home.

Keep Trash Contained

When you’re on the road for a long trip, you might accumulate some garbage after all the rest stops, lunch breaks, and fast-food diversions along the way. Candy wrappers, cups, and other waste can quickly clutter the cabin if they’re not contained, and they can also make a mess of your seating if they have any leftover sauce, chocolate, or other residue. That’s why you should consider keeping a plastic cereal container in your car to use as a garbage can. To make cleanup even easier, line the container with a plastic grocery bag. To keep a supply of spare bags handy, repurpose a box of tissues and load it up with extra bags.

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January 23, 2023
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