Learn About The Importance Of Oil Changes

There are a lot of complex components and moving parts within your vehicle, so it takes expert maintenance to keep them all working as intended. Fortunately, one of the most vital auto services happens to be one of the quickest and most affordable–the oil change. The engine in your vehicle needs clean oil to perform at its best, so regular oil changes are key to enjoying every mile possible.


Why Does My Car Need an Oil Change?


The engine provides the heartbeat for your car, and it’s in motion for as long as your car is running. Clean motor oil allows its moving parts to function as intended while minimizing wear and tear. It lubricates all those components so that they don’t overheat, which can also cause engine damage. The oil also serves to fight the buildup of sludge and other harmful particles that can pollute the engine over time. To check the quality of your oil, take a look under the hood and remove the dipstick, usually marked with an old-fashioned oil lamp symbol. A light brown color is fine, but if the oil on the stick is very dark, milky, or below the “MIN” or “L” line, it’s time for an oil change.


What Happens if I Don’t Change My Oil?


If you go too long without changing out the old oil in your engine, you can expect to see some negative results as time goes by. Over time, you’ll experience a drop in your vehicle’s performance, and its fuel efficiency will suffer as it has to work harder than necessary. Moving metal parts could also start to grind, causing harm through friction and wear. All these issues could lead to complicated automotive repairs, so it’s better to catch them before they start and keep up with your regular oil changes.


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Professional Oil Change Service at Warrenton Toyota


When your vehicle is due for an oil change, we’ll handle it for you at Warrenton Toyota. Bring your car to our service center for expert maintenance, from the basic oil change to every tire rotation, wheel alignment, and battery replacement in between.


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July 4, 2022
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