Stay Entertained All Summer With These Activities

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Are the summer breeze and sunshine calling you to spend more time outside this season? Try any of these activities and embrace the outdoors!


Go Out for a Picnic


Take your next meal outdoors for an open-air picnic. Whether you’re going out to a local park or just into your own backyard, sharing some summery dishes out in natural surroundings can provide a fresh break from your daily routine. It’s also a great reason to prep a few treats using seasonal ingredients like berries or tomato.


Update Your Outdoor Space


Since you might be spending more time outside this season, it makes sense to freshen up your outdoor areas. Whether it’s some new patio furniture, fresh paint on an old sofa glider, or setting up a swing on the porch, a little DIY project can yield a tremendous payoff for many summers to come. You can even create a new space in your yard with pavers, lanterns, or string lights.


Hang Up a Hammock


Be sure to get some rest and relaxation during all your summertime fun. If you want to bring your downtime outdoors, hang up a hammock someplace shady. Look for a pair of trees that keep their surroundings shaded for much of the day, or set the hammock up on your porch or patio. It’ll be the perfect place to read a book, daydream, or take an afternoon nap, gently rocked by in the breeze.


Pick Your Own Fruits and Berries


You might have a great dessert recipe that you’re ready to try, and while store-bought ingredients are fine, it will taste so much sweeter if you pick the fruits and berries yourself. There are farms around Virginia that let visitors pick their own produce in season, with some not far from Warrenton. Take a look at this list to find a farm nearby.


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July 11, 2022
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