Pairs Well With BBQ: Memorial Day Side Dishes

If you're planning a traditional Memorial Day cookout with barbeque, you should try one of these delicious side dishes to round out your meal.

Veggie Filled Memorial Day Side Dishes

Memorial Day cookouts are filled with sauce-covered wings, ribs, burgers, and hot dogs. To balance out your menu and give your guests something on the lighter side to choose from, add a few of these vegetable-based side dishes. 

  • Lemon Artichoke Romaine Salad - This lemony salad is refreshing and full of nutritious ingredients.
  • Cucumbers and Dill - Keep your cucumbers crisp and crunchy by sprinkling them with a little salt and letting them stand in a colander. Serve them alongside your grilled entrée.
  • Broccoli Slaw - Instead of the typical coleslaw, try this tangy broccoli slaw alternative. 

Savory Memorial Day Dips 

Inevitably, someone will arrive at your cookout early, or you'll just be a little delayed getting the meat off the grill. For those occasions, these dips will make scrumptious appetizers. 

  • Layered Hummus Dip - This dip takes less than 15 minutes to make. It's a creamy, zesty hummus dip layered with lots of fresh veggies. 
  • Cowboy Beef Dip: This dip is full of flavors and best served with tortilla chips. It's filled with beef, olives, bell peppers, and cheese for a filling appetizer. 
  • Guacamole - Add a classic go-to dip that everyone will love. Guacamole is super quick and easy to whip up just before your guests arrive. 

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Hearty Memorial Day Sides

  • Tzatziki Potato Salad - For a refreshing herby side dish, give this Greek-inspired potato salad a try. 
  • Creamy Twice-Baked Potatoes -  Making these creamy baked potatoes takes a few hours, so get started early and they'll be worth the wait. 
  • Baked Beans - Baked beans are a must-have at any barbeque cookout. You can spend all day making the perfect batch with just the right amount of seasoning or you can try this version, which will be ready to toss in the oven in only 15 minutes. Your guest will love them. 

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May 16, 2022
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