Scion Will Officially Return to Toyota

Scion Will Officially Return to ToyotaWhen you picture Toyota vehicles, you should really think about all the models in the related brands as well. Scion has been a separate brand since 2003, but it will soon begin a transition and return to Toyota. The transition comes after Toyota and Scion have realized that Scion achieved the goals set out for it, meaning it is time for the brands to officially reunite.

Goals of Scion

The goal when creating Scion was to help explore new products while attracting more youth drivers to the brand. To say that Scion met this goal is a slight understatement. Of the over a million Scions sold, 70 percent were bought by customers who hadn’t previously owned a Toyota. To make this even better for the target, 50 percent of buyers were 35 years old or younger. In fact, Scion is always the youngest brand among the auto industry, having an average owner age of just 36 years old.

Why Transition to Toyota

Scion’s transition to Toyota is a way to take the new customers and products and help bring them into the Toyota brand. The development team was able to test ideas that wouldn’t have worked as well in the Toyota brand. The decision to transition back was partially due to the needs of customers. The younger buyers of today want practical vehicles that look good and are fun to drive. Toyota is recognized for its dependability, reliability, and quality, and the new vehicles have evolved to include the dynamic handling and styling young drivers want.

What to Expect

To start the transition, 2017 Scion vehicles will receive Toyota badging starting in August of this year. The iA sedan, I 5-door hatchback, and FR-S sports car will all officially become Toyotas, as will the C-HR, which debuted during the L.A. Auto Show. The tC sports coupe will have a special edition before ending production in August.

Whether you are interested in a model that currently falls under the Toyota or Scion brand name, the team at Warrenton Toyota can guide you through the process of buying it. Soon you will be driving your favorite Toyota around Warrenton, VA.


May 7, 2016
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