Start The Morning With Homemade Muffins

Pastries and baked goods are a staple in most American breakfast menus, but stopping by your favorite bakery, or brunch spot on the way to school every day isn't practical. Instead, make your own. We found a list of amazing muffin recipes for you to make at home. Pick one to bake and enjoy homemade muffins for breakfast this week.


Classic Muffins


You can whip up something odd and exotic but nothing beats the classic flavors you grew up on. Those muffin flavors will be loved by children and adults alike. They usually pair well with other breakfast staples, or you can bake jumbo muffins to enjoy them a la carte. Here are a few recipes for classic muffins.

Nutritious Muffin Recipes


One of the reasons muffins are such a great breakfast option is that they are a handheld food item that doesn't require utensils to eat. If you've had a hectic morning and you're running behind, muffins are easy to grab and go and they aren't too messy for your kids to eat in the car. At most, you will need to vacuum up a few crumbs and unstick the paper muffin cup from the seat. Unfortunately, most muffin recipes don't have a lot of nutritional value. Instead of the bready carb-heavy muffins, you're used to, try one of the recipes below.

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Indulgent Muffins


Sometimes you want a meal that supports your fitness lifestyle with a lot of nutritious ingredients.  Other times you want a treat to enjoy alongside a relaxing morning coffee on the weekend. Give these recipes a try if you're feeling like lounging in your robe with a cup of jo and a muffin one Sunday.

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August 15, 2022
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