Toyota Works to Keep Your Teen Safe with the TeenDrive 365 Program

TeenDrive 365 ProgramYou can stop worrying as much about your teen driver thanks to Toyota. The automaker is giving parents a valuable tool to help them teach their teens responsible driving techniques through the TeenDrive 365 program. This interactive program gives teens the chance to see the consequences of distracted driving.

Simulated Driving

To help show teens what can happen if they drive while distracted or engage in other risky behaviors, TeenDrive 365 involves a unique simulator. Teens get into a car while wearing headphones and a virtual 3-D viewer. During the simulation, teens are exposed to common distractions, such as cellphones, music, makeup, and talking passengers. It also includes basic steering to make the experience more realistic. When teens tested it out at the Chicago Auto Show early in 2015, they quickly discovered that using their cellphones led to a crash.

Other Features

TeenDrive 365 gives teens more than just access to the simulator at special events. It also provides useful tools for parents to help them practice the behaviors they want their teens to practice while behind the wheel of a Toyota. The program also has plenty of local events so you can easily find one close to you, and there is a $15,000 video challenge you can encourage your teen to participate in.

With the help of Toyota’s TeenDrive 365 program, it is easier than ever to teach your teen safe driving techniques in Warrenton, Virginia, and across the country. The team at Warrenton Toyota can give you more information on TeenDrive 365 or work with you to find the perfect Toyota for teaching your teen to drive.

January 29, 2016
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