Why Your Vehicle Battery Is Dying

The first time you have to get your neighbor to jump start your vehicle, you'll probably write it off as a fluke. Maybe you left a light on, or a door was slightly ajar. When it happens a second or third time, it's time to get your battery checked out. There are a number of reasons that your battery might have trouble holding a charge, take a look at this guide to learn the most common reasons and what to do about them.

You Left Your Headlamps or Dome Lights On

Most modern vehicles manufactured in the last few years have timers that will turn your car lights off when the car isn’t running. But you can turn this feature off. If you accidently turned off the automatic feature and you forget to flick the switch on your lights, you’re likely to return to a dead battery. Make sure the automatic timer is enabled and double check that your lights are off next time. 

It's Time For a New Battery

Sadly, batteries don’t last forever. If your car battery is weak or in poor condition small things will drain your battery. Many auto parts stores will check your battery for you. If you suspect it’s time for a new battery, you can visit our service center at Warrenton Toyota. Our technicians will test your battery and if needed, we'll order a new one or install one we have in stock. 

You Have Corrosion on Your Battery

Corrosion on your battery will look like a white, green, or blue tinged substance around the battery. If you notice corrosion on your battery you can remove it using a wire brush and battery cleaner.

Your Battery Cables Are Loose

Loose battery terminals or connection will negatively affect the flow of electricity in your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is completely off and inspect the connection of the negative and positive battery connections. If you can easily pull them off, they are loose. Use a screwdriver to tighten the connections. 

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Your Charging System is Malfunctioning

Your battery might be fine, the problem could be your charging system. If your battery is new or in good condition, you haven’t left the lights on, and you didn't find any corrosion on your battery but it is still dying, the problem is more than likely your charging system. Schedule an appointment with the Warrenton Toyota service center and our skilled technicians will assess the issue and make the proper repairs.

November 7, 2022
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