6 Holiday DIY Decorations

Young woman making colorful creative yarn decorations

If you're looking to add some pizazz to your Thanksgiving table, these easy DIY decorations are just what you need!


1. Apple Table Runner


If you have an abundance of fresh fall apples, use them as part of a simple, elegant table runner on Thanksgiving! Place the apples down the length of the table, then fill in the gaps with your favorite greenery and various sizes of white candles. Brass candlesticks would be lovely in this vignette, too.


2. Floral-Painted Pumpkins


These floral-painted pumpkins look lovely at the corner of a buffet/credenza or stacked in an accent chair! You can make them by getting three pumpkins in different sizes and painting them with a floral design, then stacking them up from biggest to smallest once the paint has dried.


3. Dip Dye Candles


The best part about this DIY decoration is that you can make it over and over again for the different seasons. To dip-dye candles, shave crayons into some melted candle wax and stir to dissolve the crayon into the wax. For thanksgiving, yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds would be lovely!


4. Pumpkin Hurricane Votives


If you have a collection of hurricane lamps gathering dust, put them to use to make a gorgeous Thanksgiving table! Remove the stems from small pumpkins and arrange floral pins around the top of the pumpkin to hold the hurricane in place. Add a white candle inside and light it just before dinner.


5. Yarn-Wrapped Wheat


You can use this decoration all year! Grab a bunch of artificial wheat and embroidery floss in colors that complement each other. Wrap the floss around two wheat sheaves about two inches down and tie off the end. Alternate the color you use each time!


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6. Turkey Leg Balloons - 51


These turkey leg balloons are perfect for the kids' table and can double as place cards by writing the child's name on the turkey leg. You just need 12" balloons and construction paper in gold, ivory, and brown; printer paper, hot glue gun, and scissors. If you want to display the balloons as a bunch instead of individually, get some yellow and pink balloons, too!


November 1, 2021
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