Why Tire Rotation Is A Maintenance Necessity

Routinely repositioning your vehicle’s tires is an important element of vehicle upkeep and safety. Tire rotations are also sometimes a requirements to keep your tires under warranty. Read on to find out more about tire rotation basics and why a tire rotation service is a maintenance necessity.  


What is Tire Rotation?


Tire rotations are periodic position changes of the tires on your vehicle. It is recommended that you rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. Some people do this when getting an oil change. Tire rotations also give you a great advantage to check for air pressure, damage, and tread depth. If you notice any vibration, you may need to get your tires rotated.  


Why is Tire Rotation Important?


Tire rotations are an important part of vehicle maintenance. By rotating your tires routinely, the natural wear of your tires is distributed evenly among all four tires to maximize their lifespan. Each position requires a different give for each tire. Front tires may have more friction than back tires and it is the same for right and left side tires. Newer tires are vital to rotate because the fresh tire tread is more susceptible to wearing.  


Tire rotations keep tread wear even which is important to keep traction and handling working consistently. This will improve the overall performance of your vehicle.


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What Tire Rotation Pattern Should I Utilize?


There are various tire rotation patterns. The rotation that is best for your vehicle depends on what kind of tires you have. There are many things to consider when talking about your tire rotation pattern. You should consider whether your vehicle is front, rear, all, or four-wheel drive, directional versus non-directional, size variations, and don’t forget about the spare! 


There are many rotation patterns recommended by the standardizing body of the tire industry. If fact, there are seven ways to rotate your tires. Talk to your mechanic about what is best for your vehicle and take a look at The Tire and Rim Association, Inc. 





November 8, 2021
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