Entertain Fido Indoors During Pollen Season


Dogs love playing outside, but when the pollen makes the great outdoors unpleasant, you can keep your pup amused at home with these ideas.


Set Up an Obstacle Course


If you’ve ever watched dog shows, you’ve likely seen the most exciting part of those televised competitions. After the judges have examined the dogs’ coats, teeth, and poise, it’s time for the pups to cut loose and blaze through an obstacle course to show off their agility and speed. While there might not be a ribbon on the line at home, you can create your own pet-friendly obstacle course within your own house. Arrange cushions, boxes, ottomans, and whatever else you have handy to fashion a course that will have your pet leaping, bounding, and scampering all afternoon long. It might take some coaxing to warm them up to the idea, but a treat at the end of each segment might help them catch on.


Toys and Games


To keep your pet entertained, clear some space along a hallway or open room, get their attention with their favorite toy, and play a few rounds of fetch. Long-lasting chew toys are another great way to keep dogs of all ages occupied, and many chew toys also pull double duty by helping them care for their teeth as well. If you want your pet to work for their reward, give them a treat dispenser that requires them to do a little thinking to receive the snack inside.


Learning New Tricks


If you really want to challenge your pup’s mind, see if they can master a few simple tricks. Does your dog know how to shake? Can they roll over? Some pet owners teach the “shake” trick by hiding some treats in one hand. Your dog might start to sniff the clasped hand, and its curiosity will likely lead it to paw at your fingers to see what’s inside. Reward them for the gesture, associate the action with a word like “shake,” and repeat until they pick up the routine.


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April 11, 2022
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