Keep Warm With These Space Heaters This Winter

Stylish woman in white sweater and skirt in the modern living room in sunny winter day sitting near couch and white electric oil radiator using smartphone app for temperature control.Space heaters are an efficient and low-cost way to heat a small area of your home in the winter. They’re great in rooms with drafts, a home office, or even garages while you tackle weekend organization projects. Check out the types of space heaters you can find and how to pick the best one for your home.

Types of Space Heaters

There are four types of space heaters that you’ll have to consider:

  • Ceramic space heaters – ceramic heaters are a type of convection heater that blows warm air over a hot ceramic plate or coils inside the heater. These space heaters stay cool on the outside, so they’re great for families with pets or kids.
  • Forced-air heaters – also known as fan-forced heaters, are convection heaters that circulate warm air around the room. Forced -air heaters work quickly and efficiently, making them great for offices or small rooms.
  • Radiant heaters – these heat the spaces and objects surrounding the heater, and they are often used in living rooms and bedrooms. Radiant heaters will retain and give off heat for longer, even after the power is switched off.
  • Infrared heaters – infrared heaters are often smaller and are great for use under a desk or on top of a table or counter where you work often.

Choosing A Safe Heater

Space heaters have gotten a bad reputation for being dangerous, but in reality, most every modern space heater is safe as can be. When you’re shopping for a space heater, be sure to consider the room you’re trying to heat, the amount of energy the heater will use, the extra features it offers, and the style of the heater. Some heaters now come with smartphone apps to control the temperature while others are highly stylized in popular aesthetics such as mid-century modern and vintage-style.

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Heat Up Your Car, Too

When you’re thinking about heating up small spaces, be sure to think about your car, too. If you could use a new car with automatic climate control, heated seats, and even a heated steering wheel, check out our inventory at Warrenton Toyota to see which of our Toyota models can keep you toasty all winter.

January 25, 2021
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