Toyota Bringing Wireless Charging To Cars?

Toyota Wireless ChargingWireless electric cars are fast becoming a reality. Thanks to Toyota Motor Corporation’s partnership with WiTricity Corp., this innovation is on the verge of becoming a success. By partnering with WiTricity Corp., the car manufacturer is able to utilize the technology that the company uses for wireless power transfer. After all, this is what the company specializes in.

The development of wireless electric cars would eliminate the need for charging vehicles by plugging it into a power source. With the help of the this innovation by Toyota, drivers no longer have to worry about plugging their electric vehicle the conventional method. They simply need to park the car over a magnetic resonance charging pad. This magnetic resonator is said to measure 19.7 inches by 19.7 inches and assumed to sit above ground. It can also be used as an embedded fixture on parking slots. In order to charge the vehicle, a secondary resonator, around 8 inches by 8 inches, will be attached underneath the car.

Predictions by WiTricity CEO Eric Gilerare indicate that the technology will become available on 2016 models. While the initial plan was to provide wireless charging systems in homes, there is reason to believe that the technology will be utilized in public locations too. This includes parking garages, business locations, and many more.

The partnership between Toyota and WiTricity started in 2011, when the former made an equity investment to speed the development of the magnetic units. In doing so, WiTricity has agreed to license their technology to third-party suppliers. Apart from Toyota, the technology has also been licensed to Delphi, Audi, and Mitsubishi. Because of this, there is reason to believe that a 2016 series of wireless electric cars can be expected not only from Toyota; but with Audi and Mitsubishi as well. Considering Toyota is an innovative leader in its industry, what other car manufacturer will follow suit?

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December 23, 2013
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