Toyota Is Teaming up to Help Develop Hydrogen Infrastructure

Hydrogen InfrastructureToyota sees hydrogen-fueled vehicles as the future, but in order for fuel cell vehicles like the Mirai to succeed, we first need to have the infrastructure in place. It is impossible for people to drive hydrogen-fueled vehicles without a place to refuel them, which is why Toyota is teaming up with other automakers to develop the hydrogen infrastructure necessary for these cars to make their way to Japan.

What They’re Doing

Toyota Motor Corporation is working with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. in this project to create a range of hydrogen station infrastructure throughout Japan. The Japanese government is providing support for the hydrogen stations along with Toyota and the other motor companies. The three big names will be covering a portion of the hydrogen station operating costs. They will also assist infrastructure companies to create a hassle-free network for refueling, complete with top customer service. Toyota and the other partners also hope to improve awareness of hydrogen fuel, which will in turn promote the idea of new businesses expanding into supplying hydrogen. The Research Association of Hydrogen Supply/Utilization Technology will also be involved.

Hydrogen in the U.S.

While hydrogen infrastructure would prove to be a huge advancement, it will have to succeed in Japan before it can succeed in the United States. In the meantime, Toyota is doing its part to explore this fuel source with the release of the Toyota Mirai in October, the company’s first fuel-cell vehicle, which runs on hydrogen fuel and is completely clean.

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September 8, 2015
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