All About Toyota Safety Sense

Did you know that your Toyota comes with something called Toyota Safety Sense? It is a set of features designed to make staying safe on the road easier than ever. Let's take a look at what you can expect to see.


Pre-Collision System


As careful as you are when driving, there are times when a sudden pedestrian or vehicle can catch you off guard. That's where the pre-collision system comes in! When your vehicle starts getting too close to something on the road, it will send audio and visual alerts. If you still don't react, it will brake automatically to prevent a collision.


Road Sign Assist


This feature helps you keep track of all the different signs you see on the road! When it sees a speed limit sign, stop sign, or other traffic sign, it will show up on your display until it passes or changes.


Dynamic Cruise Control


One of the biggest drawbacks of cruise control is having to turn it on and off when traffic flow starts getting congested. This is no longer an issue with dynamic cruise control! It allows you to set how far you want to be from other vehicles. If you get too close, it will decrease your speed. Then if the car in front of you changes lanes, it will increase your speed back to what it was.


Lane Assist


Two different safety features work together to help ensure that you stay in your lane. The first, a lane tracing assist, will automatically detect visible lane markers and use them to keep your vehicle centered in the lane. The second, a lane departure alert, will warn you when you cross over any lines without warning. That way, you always know you are safe in your own space while driving.


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Automatic High Beams


Driving at night can be challenging when visibility gets low, especially on back roads that don't offer any kind of light source. Turning on your high beams helps, but it is hard to avoid blinding other drivers on the road. That's where the automatic high beams come in handy! It utilizes a camera on your windshield to detect when other cars are in range. When no one is around, your high beams will turn on, and as soon as another vehicle is detected, it switches back to normal.

March 7, 2022
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